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OS ep 25 – Meandering the Mystic, space/time, and Jim Henson with Jesse Miller.

On today’s show Jesse Miller (mystic mind podcast)and I discuss at length our personal stories, growth experiences, influences, etc. The music for this show is by Jessee Miller. He is a wonderful member of the podcasting community, the grow report … Continue reading

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OS ep 24 – Legba and Critical Mass – Andrieh Vitimus

Today on the show we have a return guest. Andrieh Vitimus. He is the author of Hands on Chaos Magic. He is here to share with us some news about his upcoming event Critical Mass. We later discuss Papa Legba. … Continue reading

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OS ep 23 – Meet us at the god head resyn – G Spot

Today’s show has a 10 minute intro by me and then a syndicated copy of episode 32 of the gspot podcast. The gspot podcast is unreal. Listening to it I couldn’t believe how great it was. Paranoia inducing audio tasties. … Continue reading

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OS ep 22 – Allen Greenfield – Men in Black, The Black Lodge, and Congregational Illuminism

On the show with Allen we discuss men in black, the black lodge, point chauds, hot points, egypt, the ancient and primitive right of memphis misriam, the paracast, scientific illuminism, and much more.

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OS ep 21 – Life sucking ficton, Immortailty, and the stone of the wise

On this episode I speak with Adrianne about her books, her spirituality, the world of the occult, the world of vampires, and much more. Have a listen and check out Adrianne’s site, we cover some great territory. 

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OS ep 20 – HipGnosis – Resisit Tyranny

Today on the show I have HipGnosis. He and I speak about his music, his introduction to esoterica via the temple of psychic youth. Then we start discussing congregational illuminism, points work, Allen Greenfield, , cymatics, twitter and more. Songs … Continue reading

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OS ep 19 – Adam GoRightly – Conspiracy, Manson Family, Mothman, and the fortean.

On this episode of the podcast I speak with Adam Gorightly about Conspiracy, Manson Family, a possible connection between Manson + Crowley, Mothman, the zine movement, and the fortean. Hope you enjoy it.

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OS ep 18 – Clint Marsh – The Mentalists Handbook

On this episode, I speak with Clint Marsh. He is the author of the Mentalist’s Handbook. We speak for a while about esoterica, his youth, how the book got it’s start, and many other topics. Here is a breif bio, … Continue reading

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OS ep 17 – Alex – Occultism in London

In this episode, I talk to Alex an occultist in London.  We speak generally about how he got started in Occultism, and the things he is doing in London these days. This is more of a meandering conversation with little … Continue reading

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OS ep 16 T Allen Greenfield – Psychic Self Defense

Allen and I speak about psychic self defense. We start by speaking about Dion Fortune, and then go all over the map after that. We do get into some depth on the subject, and come up with some interesting suggestions. … Continue reading

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