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Hi Everyone, My new podcast website can be found at
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OS ep 34 – James Curcio – Immanence of Myth

James is a musician, author, artist, podcaster, and theorist. He joins me on the show to discuss his soon to be released book Immanence of Myth. He is also the co-creator of and actor in the new Gonzomentary style video series Clark.

About Modern Mythology
G Spot Podcast

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OS ep 33 – Adam Sommer – A Cosmic Game, Jyotish, and western Astrology.

Adam is a highly skilled astrologer whom I have worked with in the past, and studied under briefly.
On this episode of the show, we discuss why it is worthwhile to have a working relationship with astrology. Adam provides us with his personal take on astrology, medicine, 2012, magic, transformations, practices, his practice, developing relationships with the planets and his apprenticeship program.

He was previously based in Boulder Colorado, and is now living on the Big Island of Hawaii at Artesia.

Music: East Forest – Pacific Coast Highway and Choose Good

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OS ep 32 – Sam Webster – Tantric Thelema

On this episode of the show Sam and I discuss his book, Tantric Thelema. We also discuss lineage, the Open Source order of the Golden Dawn, of which he is the founder and former head, and much more.

Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn

Sam Webster (Wikipedia)

Sam’s new publishing company –

Concrescent Press’s Blog –

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OS ep 31 – Paul Joseph Rovelli – Alchemy, Community Building, and The Great White Brotherhood.

On this episode of the Occult Sentinel Podcast, I speak with Paul Joseph Rovelli. We speak about Magick, Alchemy, Thelema, the Gnostic Church of Light.

Trouble in magickal orders, the problems of working out of people’s homes, and physical temple space being much greater.

Gnostic Church of Light – GCLVX
Alternet – Sacred Intentions: An inside look at the John Hopkins Psilocybin study
John Reid’s Course on Practical Alchemy

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OS ep 30 – KMO – Hope in the darkness

On this episode of the occult sentinel podcast I have KMO. We discuss shamanism, possible collapse scenarios, hope, technology and the spirit world.

C-Realm Podcast

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OS ep 29 – Frater Puck – Accomplish the Great Work

Today on the show I have an interview with Frater Puck, co-host of the Thelema Now! Podcast. The official podcast of the OTO.
He also organizes the Musicka Mystica Maxima Festival at the Santos party house in Manhattan. Where people such as  John Zorn, Bill Laswell, Genesis P-Orridge, Amber Assylum, larkin Grimm.

Frater Puck is a long time member of the OTO and has some interesting things to say about art, occult culture, the great work, and much more in this interview. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.


Nowhere to run by St. Paul
Featuring Panu Moon

Blue Boy by Vicky
Featuring panumoon

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OS ep 28 – Genesis Generation, A new culture with Lorenzo Hagerty

On this show we discuss the weather, Lorenzo’s new book ‘The Genesis Generation’, mystical pursuits, the occult, our hopes for the tribe, and some other fun stuff.  – soon to be up and running

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OS ep 27 – Jason Agustus Newcomb – Building magical communities.

Jason and I speak about magical communities, The Journal of New Hermetics, building bridges between traditions, The Esoteric Book Club, The Unverisal Enlightenment Society, and much more. It was fun to speak with Jason again on a diverse number of topics. He is an engaging speaker and teacher.

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OS ep 26 – Magic, Duality, and the Abyss

In this episode, Greg of and Father Anthony Silvia of the Apostolic Johannite Church speak together on location at the Theosophical Society of Boston’s facility about Magick, goals of Magick, Thelema, non-duality, holy madness, spiritual practices, and much more.
I hope you enjoy it!
You should also check out Greg’s new site, his membership section is online finally, and there is lots of great stuff there, including an interview with me!

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